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Island Tropics Lotion Has Been Serving Our Customers Since 1998!

If you are tired of buying low quality lotions or products that did not give you the results you wanted then you have come to the right place. There is a reason we have been in business since 1998!
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If you are looking for indoor, sunless, tingle tanning lotions and/or supplies then your search is over. If you do not see it, please call us! 1-888-601-8267
Devoted Creations

Devoted Creations>

Devoted Creations is dedicated to bringing the highest level of tanning and skin care for every level of tanning enthusiast. Indoor Tanning Lotions and skin care moisturizers get maximum results making you feel refreshed and revitalized with your golden tan.

MOST    S.H.O.>

Black Sunshine, Gravity , Category 5, Into The Darkness, Bronze Invasion, Absolute Black, Black Magic. Most S.H.O.Products has been the favorite of tanners. White Lightning, Island Heat, Black Hemp ,Simplicity, Chocolate & Vanilla and more.


Supre's dark tanning accelerators provides the ultimate in skin nutrition through the use of advanced skin care ingredients and superior formulations. Your skin not only gets the perfect tan, but deep down nourishment as well.


ULTIMATE tanning lotions in your next indoor tanning session for a darker tanning experience. The high quality ingredients, in these accelerating, bronzing, and tingle products are superior to all. Exquisite packaging, hypnotic fragrances, and skin nourishing attributes will make you feel like your at the spa. These lotions give you the ULTIMATE tanning results.
Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy>

Ed Hardy Tanning Products have a lotion that will work for every level of tanner from the beginner to the advanced tanning enthusiast. You can find a full line of Maximizing, Bronzer, and Tingle Indoor Tanning Lotions along with moisturizers to extend the life of your tan.
John Abate

John Abate>

John Abate Continues to be one of our best selling brands. Including Titanium, Chocolate Frambrois,Mango Flambe, Platinum Zero, Babie, JA Bronzer, Creme Brule and More.
Pro Tan

Pro Tan>

Pro Tan Incredibly Black,Bad Romance,Mad Maxx, Mankind, Hot Tottie,Fabulously Bronze, Love Drunk, Pyyronic Blaze, Radically Hemp, Seriously Hot, & Mor


Playboy Features Glam, Live Fabulous, Hottie, Party at the mansion, Bronze Couture, Glitz Spray Tanner, Glow Girl, Boost Pink and More

Again thank you for stopping by Island Tropic Lotions the most knowledgable online tanning lotion store since 1998. Remember if you do not see a product please email us or call. We have the biggest inventory of lotions on the web. Wholesale, discontinued products, even the cheaper tanning lotions that some people truly love. With over 2000 products in our inventory we understand figuring out the right type can be tough and downright confusing. Whether you are looking for a bronzer, sunless tanning, SPF, oils, even stickers and other supplies we can help you decide. Just let us know. 

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